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by Tran Thu Ha | Jan 01, 2019

Top experiences in Myanmar

Myanmar is a great stop on your Asia travel itinerary, you will be amazed by the friendly people, diverse culture, ancient temples and unique cuisines.

Many magnificent caves and temples

Referring to temples in Myanmar, we can not ignore Bagan - a beautiful wilderness, you can cycle through palaces and temples to enjoy the natural scenery or watch the sunset behind the mountains. That is an unforgettable experience. If you are an adventurer, we highly recommend the caves and temples with magnificent stone blocks and statues in Mrauk U.

Tasty food

What makes you even more excited is the cuisine of this beautiful country. The cuisine of this country is a combination of Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisine. Some of the famous dishes that Asia Senses recommends include Gyin Thohk, Kat Kyi Hnyat, and Thai fried noodles, seafood, meat, eggs and more. Other traditional spices such as Indian curry are served with sour mangoes, green peppers, raw vegetables,...

The pristine nature

There are many things to explore in Myanmar, not only the wonderful mountains where you can enjoy the feeling of climbing under the clouds but also explore the unique cultural identity of this country. There are images that you will never forget when you come to this country are colorful statues of Buddha or the image of little monks, especially the young ones wearing buds and chanting while still keep the nature of childhood.

In addition, the country is also known for Mergui Archipelago, which is considered as one of the last paradises on Earth. Most of visitors come here to explore some of Asia's top scuba diving destinations with rays and sharks, as well as diverse coral reef ecosystems. You can enjoy the relaxing time in the beach with cool cocktail where white sand stretches and green coconut trees standing by the sea...

The hospitable Myanmar people

Myanmar people are very hospitable, they love to greet visitors and regret to say goodbye to guests. This is the main point holding back tourists that they can not leave this beautiful country. In particular, local residents do not ask for tourists money as people in other tourist places. The people here seem to be very funny and enthusiastic, they like to speak English with foreigners, but they are also extremely calm, polite. When they are familiar to you, they are very open. That is to say, they are always ready to help you when you have trouble during the trip or introduce you to beautiful places or good guest house.

Today, Myanmar has many positive changes from economy to all other sectors, and this country is opening to welcome more and more visitors. In the process of change, however, there are still many mysterious wildernesses waiting for you to explore. So do not hesitate any longer, take a backpack to discover the new horizons, enjoy the traditional food or drink fresh beer Mandala - the famous beer brand of Myanmar... So many fascinating things await you. It is an honor for Asia Senses Travel to be your companion during the trip. Based on your preferences and our experiences in traveling to Myanmar, we will design the perfect trip for you and provide the best services for our customers to enjoy your journey!