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by Shiori Fukuoka | Mar 29, 2020

Tips for your great trip to Japan

Japan is an amazing destination for many reasons including its history, traditions, arts, culture, etc… If you are planning to travel to Japan, these are top tips for your great trip to Japan.

Eat in hustle way

When traveling to Japan, it is easy to see crowded people in ramen stores enjoying huge bowls of noodles, slurp and eat quite quickly. This is a sign that they are really into that dish. Therefore, a note when traveling in Japan you need to remember is "eat like a Japanese", do not be too rigid to express your gentle attitude.

Remove shoes and sandals outside the door: This is not only a habit but also a Japanese custom. Before entering a room, shop or house, you must definitely take off your shoes and sandals, then use the slippers that are placed in front of the entrance. (this slippers can be walked around the house except for tatami mats)

Bring cash as much as possible

Carrying lots of cash is important to keep in mind when traveling to Japan. You may have a lot of trouble in the travel process because there are many places that don't accept credit cards, especially small cities. For example, if you want to buy souvenirs at a market or eat at a restaurant or have fun at a bar, then you must pay in cash. And you can be assured with your wallet because security is very safe here.

No tips in Japan

Tipping in Japan is considered vulgar, so don't be surprised when a taxi driver denies your tip. As for Japanese people, when you give more money to them, you want them to improve the quality of service and they can understand in the sense that "their service is not good".

Buy and use JR Pass card

This card can help you easily travel around Japan by Shinkansen express train, local train, JR bus or ferry. Owning a JR Pass card will greatly support your exploration. It is sold on the Japan Travel website (it is purchased first, then activated in Japan) or Japanese travel agents in Vietnam. Remember to always bring your passport with you!

Don’t litter trash

Consciousness and environmental sanitation in Japan are very concerned. Littering or walking while eating is indecent and attracts unfriendly glances about you.

Asia Senses hopes that you those above notes when traveling on Japan will be useful for those who are about to make a trip to discover the country of cherry blossoms and have a meaningful, fun, memorable trip. With backgrounds in Japanese culture and language, customer experience, and travel industry, we commit to trying our best to help enthusiastic travelers like you experience this fascinating country to the fullest. Thank you for reading.