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by Khuong Nguyen | Mar 29, 2020

Da Lat in flower season

The City of Eternal Spring, the City of Thousands of Flowers, the Land of Peach Blossoms, the Little Paris, the Land of Mist, the City of Pine Forests. Da Lat is more than that in flower season!

Located at an altitude of 1,475 meters above the sea level on the Lang Biang plateau in southern Vietnam, Da Lat is isolated with its own romantic vibe and poetic charm by the chaos of the surrounding cities. Its moderate weather, farms with a variety of flowers and fruits, and European style architecture makes it a destination unlike any other in Vietnam which you will fall in love with its beauty in no time without even realizing. The year-round cool climate and fertile soil is ideal condition for plants, including vegetables and different kinds of beautiful flowers to grow.

While visiting, you will see valleys of blooming flowers ranging from lavender to the light pink of blossoms and the buckwheat flower, spectacular waterfalls and lakes, hear exotic birds singing, and breathe in the fresh pine air from lavender to the light pink of blossoms and the buckwheat flower. That’s the origin of the name “the City of Thousands of Flowers”!

Refering to spring, we must mention cherry blossom. Many people think that sakura only blooms in South Korea or Japan, however, cherry blossom is also adapted to the cool weather of Da Lat, thus the name “the Land of Peach Blossoms”. When freezing winds of winter is gone and warm spring sunlights comes, cherry blossoms begin blooming at every corner of Da Lat. The combination between pink and white of Cherry blossoms keep long-lasting memories in the hearts of tourists when coming here in spring. You can easily catch the images of cherry trees in the area around Xuan Huong Lake, Tuyen Lam Lake or on streets such as Quang Trung, Nguyen Du, Tran Hung Dao, Dong Da, Hung Vuong.

Besides, the buckwheat flower with intensive fascination also contributes to “Da Lat brand”. When it comes to buckwheat flowers, many people think that it is the specialty of the northernmost land of Vietnam (Ha Giang), because in January every year, these tiny white flowers simultaneously flourish, flooding the whole rocky mountain. These days, southern Vietnamese do not have to travel the long distance to Ha Giang province to gaze at the beauty of this flower, as they can see it in Da Lat.

So the question is, how should you make most of your trip to enjoy all this spectacular beauty of The City of Eternal Spring? One of the best things to do is to rent a motorbike and head out into the hills. Da Lat is known as the honeymoon destination of Vietnam that many young couples choose to visit. Going in a motorbike with your loved one and seeing forest-fringed lake and romantic boat rides will surely ignite your passions and reveal nature’s beauty.

Why don’t you grasp your luggage now and take an earliest trip to The City of Love? Asia Senses Travel looks forward to designing Da Lat tour that bring the most satisfying experiences for you!