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by Tran Thu Ha | Jul 23, 2019

Welcoming Noel in Sai Gon? That’s definitely a great idea!

Many people think that traveling to Saigon in the Christmas season is unreasonable because the weather in the southern Viet Nam is very hot and humid. However, do you know that, to enjoy a whole Christmas season’s aspects, Saigon is the most suitable? Let’s find out those destinations below that makes Noel season in Saigon special!
1. Notre Dame Cathedral

Referring to Christmas, you can not miss the most bustling church of Christmas in Saigon - the Notre Dame Cathedral. Coming to the Church of Notre Dame you have a chance to enjoy a complete Noel night. On the Christmas Eve, Notre Dame Cathedral is decorated with Christmas pine trees and flashlights around. When stepping into the church, listening to the Christmas song from the children’s choir, you will feel like being lost in a fairy tale from Andersen’s Christmas night stories. In addition, you can also take a photo with family, friends to keep this moment in a photograph or try out some specialties of Saigon: Grilled Corn, Rice Cake ... Moreover, there are uproarious places you can have fun near Notre Dame Cathedral such as Dong Khoi Street, Turtle Lake, Diamond Plaza, Kumho ... where you have a meaningful Christmas Eve.

2. Pham The Hien Street, District 8

A second location that you can not ignore on Christmas night in Sai Gon is the Pham The Hien Street, District 8. In every Christmas, people are eagerly looking forward to the decor and the typical Christmas atmosphere of this area. Noel in this street is festive and uproarious, which is decorated with colorful sparkling flashlights. The cave models are decorated periodically and uniquely. You can immerse yourself in the most beautiful features of a Christmas night in this town. It’s such a dreaming night that you and your loves holding hands on the road and enjoying the nostalgia of Christmas here.

3. Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street.

On Christmas Eve, the street becomes an interesting place to enjoy Noel in Saigon. It is surrounded by buildings and skyscrapers with sparkling lights. In addition, one of the characteristics of this walking street is that you can also enjoy music and other performances like magic shows, aerobics,... which make Noel in Saigon become unique . On the sides of the streets there are commercial centers like Plaza, H & M and Vincom which also feature their stores with pine trees, Santa Claus and reindeers, giving a warm Noel atmosphere to their customers.

4. Ice Café, Tan Phu District

Sai Gon rarely has winter as cold as in Hanoi, the temperature here when Christmas comes often vibrates between 25 – 33 degree C. However, you want to enjoy a cold Christmas season as in Western countries? Ice cafe is a suitable destination for you! This café is designed with unique style, from the furniture, cups and glasses are molded with frozen ice resonating with the temperature here is -10 degrees C all the times. This will make you feel like in the North Pole. When you enter the café, you will be equipped with a warm fur coat. This is definitely the most interesting place that the young should discover once in Christmas night.

Sai Gon is a must-visit destination for your Christmas time, isn’t it? Asia Senses wishes you and your family a happy Christmas. Don’t forget that we are always available to provide you with the best services and give a hand to prepare for your trip this December 24th !