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by Tran Thu Ha | Jan 01, 2019

What Is It Like To Travel To North Korea?

When it comes to North Korea, we always think of a region of war, armies and weapons. History as well as politics has made this country somewhat scary in the eyes of international friends. However, not every foreigner like us explore the beauty of North Korea. What is special about this country? Let’s travel to North Korea through this small article!
Most of travelers can enter Korea by train or plane, unlike United States citizens can only fly. Just getting out of the security checkpoint at the Pyongyang gateway, you will see a completely different image of North Korea. Pyongyang and its suburbs look like two different worlds. Suburbs are low-rise old houses. In many places, people use solar energy for their minimum demands, there are no electricity lines.

People in Pyongyang do not use much private transport, they mostly travel by bus. From 6:30 am, hundreds of people line up at the bus stop. Buses are always packed, but they keep in order and noone seems to be rushed.
When traveling to North Korea, you can see the culture which is considered as one of the oldest cultures in the world, which lasted about 5000 years. The separation of Korea into two parts: South Korea and North Korea led to a divergence in modern North Korean culture. However, the traditional culture in history was due to both nations’ contribution and formation.

And what about food when you travel to North Korea? Our specialist will give you information about their daily food first, point out which food you are allergic to and which food you should give a try. There are spicy kimchi, steamed rice, fried papaya, heart stir-fried vegetables and fruits... The drinks you can easily find here are Korean Taedonggang beer and a various choice of wines and whisky which are laid in shelves in many restaurants and supermarket. Don’t worry, we can assure every day you stay in Pyongyang is a happy experience in the food side.

Many people think that the Western culture may not appear in North Korea because of some kinds of reasons. They are completely wrong. There are western style restaurants and cafeterias here. Western-style cafes have only appeared in recent years. Across Pyongyang, dozens of this kind of restaurants/cafes are open.

Many customers told us that they felt unsafe if they travel to North Korea. If you have ever traveled to North Korea, you will have a same feeling like many. The security is what the country pays the most attention to, not only for the people but also for the travelers.

And there are many interesting things waiting for you in your trip. Why don’t you pack your package and book a ticket right now? Asia Senses Travel will design a trip for you, show you the highlights in a different light, and introduce you to places and experiences that others might miss. Our North Korean travel specialists with unrivalled knowledge are always willing to listen to what you want and then carefully design for you a trip of a lifetime. Do you want to explore Asia? Email Asia Senses at [email protected] or simple give us a call at +84 865 815 200.