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by Ray Loh | Apr 01, 2020

Why should you visit George Town?

George Town, which is located on Penang Island in the northwest of Malaysia - is Malaysia's second largest city. Here are some of the good reasons why you should visit it.

George Town is one of the rare cities have a mixture of the old times with today's modern lifestyle. This is not only a great place for history lovers and travel photographers but also an ideal place for shoppers and food addicts.

Keep your memories in photos when posing with graffiti

Over 500 years, George Town has transformed itself as it is today from a small Malaysian village. During that time, the influences of Asia and Europe gave this city a unique multicultural heritage. With the historic values of the town, in 2008, George Town was recognized as a world heritage by UNESCO. Georgetown has more than 12,000 old buildings including Chinese shops, residential jetties, churches, temples, mosques, and offices and monuments of the Great British colonial government. Most of these buildings are located in Lebuh Acheh area, making it easy for you to explore by walking.

Since this Penang tourist destination is recognized as a world cultural heritage, the city has begun to develop unique paintings. In 2012, Lithuanian artist - Ernest Zacharevic blew a new wind to old George Town's street walls. He created 2D and 3D graffiti paintings combined with real objects, looking both funny and meaningful because sometimes we could not distinguish that it is real or fake. So when you come here, don’t forget to pose as the camera with those masterpiece street paintings!

Discover Chinese architecture in Georgetown

Khoo Kongsi

Traveling to George Town-Malaysia, you will see that the architecture here, in some aspects, looks like Chinese architecture because Malaysia has many Chinese people. The families in George Town built many unique houses to settle down, called kongsi. Kongsi represents the family's success and wealth, people come here to gather and worship their ancestors. Kongsi of the Khoo family is one of the most worth visiting houses when traveling to George Town. This house was built in the most spectacular design with gold carvings and stone statues that makes you can’t take your eyes off it.

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

Built in 1880, it is a stately mansion with striking indigo-painted walls. Designed in the traditional Hakka-Teochew style, it was restored from the ruins of the 1990s and transformed into a classic-style hotel. Extremely majestic and large architecture with 38 rooms, 5 granite tiles, 7 stairs, and 220 wooden windows make any visitors coming here become ecstatic! Part of the mansion is still kept as a private residence, the other part is a museum opening for tourists to visit freely, there are also some rooms for homestay.

Street food

An indispensable thing to have a perfect trip is to discover the culinary culture. Penang is considered one of the famous culinary cities not only of Asia but also of the world. With no more than US $1.50 per dish, you can choose many outstanding delicacies including:

  • Assam Laksa - A sweet-sour dish cooked with fruit juice.
  • Char Kway Teow - A spicy dry noodles with shrimp, oysters, chicken and chives.
  • Pasenbur - An Indian salad with potatoes, tofu, fish and cucumbers, covered in a sweet sauce.
  • Popiah - A type of spring rolls filled with soy curd, eggs, stewed vegetables and Chinese lettuce.
  • Nasi Kandar - A mixture of great curry sauce poured on a mountain of rice.
  • Cendol - A shaved ice dessert made with palm sugar and coconut milk.

One more interesting tourist destination is included in your worth – traveling list, isn’t it? Asia Senses Travel believes that with our companionship, your trip to George Town will be truly memorable and complete!