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Indonesia Holidays

The Indonesian archipelago contains over 17,000 islands, placed across the equator. With religions ranging from Balinese Hinduism to Islam, Indonesia is rich in culture and heritage.

From picturesque Bali with its rice paddies, beaches and volcanoes, to the remote island of Sumba, there is a wide spectrum of experiences and destinations to explore. The islands of Lombok and Komodo are less visited, with near-deserted beaches, thick rainforests and a chance to see the prehistoric Komodo dragon. Java smoulders with volcanoes, which form a backdrop to extravagant temple complexes such as Borobudur. The vast pristine jungles of Kalimantan and Sumatra accommodate torangutans and rare flora, while the remote island of Sulawesi celebrates its ancient cultures with vibrant celebrations and rituals.

Suggested Itineraries

Classic highlight experiences, rewarding culinary strolls, authentic heritage retreats and picturesque outdoor adventures are among the many rewarding encounters Indonesia has to offer. These itineraries give you a starting point for what your trip to Indonesia could entail. They cover routes we've found work particularly well and feature some of our favourite places to stay. Treat them as inspiration, as each trip is created uniquely for you.
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Our Expert Guides to Travelling in Indonesia

The Indonesian archipelago strungs out 5200km between the Asian mainland and Australia, all of it within the tropics, and comprises more than 17,000 islands. Its ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity is correspondingly great – more than 500 languages and dialects are used to speak by its 246 million people, whose fascinating customs and lifestyles are a major attraction. Whether you’re planning to spend honeymoon in Bali, dive in the blue crystal water of The Gili islands, cruise towards Raja Ampat or a trek to the top of Mount Rinjani, Indonesia’s second highest volcano, our Indonesia travel guides are created to help you make informed choices so that your holiday in Indonesia is tailored to you.
With 700 languages and over 17,000 islands (in which over 9000 is inhabited) spread across 5,000km of tropical ocean, there's no better way to describe Indonesia, whose national emblem is emblazoned with the words 'Unity in Diversity'. This diversity, combined with famed hospitality, billowing volcanoes and abundant wildlife make it an astoundingly bewitching travel destination.

Ideas for Experiencing Indonesia

Unknown to many travelers, there are actually countless activities to do in Indonesia, and some of them are unique to only in Indonesia. Hike to the summit of Mount Bromo in time for sunrise for a truly humbling view, visit ancient temples such as the 8th century Borobudur complex for a glimpse of life in times past or enjoy the vibrant arts and crafts scene in Ubud for an insight into Indonesia's age-old culture. Be it from swimming in the largest natural volcanic lake to shopping in one of the major cities in Asia to immersing in culture and histories and having adventure and activities on the sea to something different like sitting the becak around soaking in the environment. Indonesia is the place for every independent traveler, promising many experiences and adventures to those who seek them.
See sunrise over Mount Bromo

Seeing sunrise over Mount Bromo, Indonesia is one of the most awe-inspiring and memorable vistas in the world. It’s not the most famous, the most active or the biggest volcano in the world, but Indonesia’s 2392m-high Mount Bromo is one of the most picturesque – in a dusty, post-apocalyptic sort of way.

Jul 10, 2018

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