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Japan Holidays

Japan, also known as the “Land of the Rising Sun”, is a country where the past encounters the future. The word “Japan” conjures diverse and colorful images: the serene, iconic Mount Fuji, beautiful lakes and woodlands; Kyoto temples fringed by cherry blossoms; the outrageous couture of Harajuku girls on a Tokyo Sunday; futuristic Shinkansen or bullet trains; a geisha in kimono and painted face. Travelling on the Shinkansen train, our Japan tours will take you on a high speed journey from Tokyo, to the attractive port city of Nagasaki and various towns in between to discover the wonders of this stunning country. One can still see elegant women in meticulous kimonos gingerly navigating massive crosswalks; kabuki opera performances; and sushi masters using techniques from the 17th-century Edo Period. No matter what your interest is, we, as a Japan Travel agency can advise on everything to make the most of your holiday to Japan.

Suggested Itineraries

Classic highlight experiences, rewarding culinary strolls, authentic heritage retreats and picturesque outdoor adventures are among the many rewarding encounters Japan has to offer. These itineraries give you a starting point for what your trip to Japan could entail. They cover routes we've found work particularly well and feature some of our favourite places to stay. Treat them as inspiration, as each trip is created uniquely for you by a leading Japan tourism agency.
Spring in Tohoku: The Cherry Blossoms Path

Tokyo - Fukushima - Yamagata - Kakunodate - Iwate - Aomori & Towadako
Classic Japan Tour

Tokyo - Hakone & Mount Fuji - Takayama - Shirakawago - Miyajima Island - Hiroshima - Kyoto
Japan Alps Explorer

Tokyo - Matsumoto - Kamikochi - Tsumago - Takayama - Shirakawago - Kanazawa - Kyoto
Japan Snow Monkey Explorer

Tokyo - Yamanouchi - Matsumoto - Tsumago - Kyoto - Hiroshima - Miyajima Island - Osaka
Japan World Heritages Sites

Tokyo - Nikko - Takayama - Shirakawago - Kanazawa - Kyoto - Nara - Wakayama & Mount Koya - Miyajima Island - Hiroshima - Osaka
Southern Japan Adventure Tour

Osaka - Takamatsu - Naoshima - Iya Valley - Matsuyama - Okayama & Kurashiki - Kumamoto - Aso - Beppu - Kagoshima - Yakushima Island - Nagasaki - Fukuoka
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Our Expert Guides to Travelling in Japan

Japan is a land of glorious contrasts — from neon-lit streets and speeding Shinkansen trains to imposing castles to serene shrines, a visit to the Land of the Rising Sun never fails to fascinate. It’s a destination that appeals to young and old alike, so whether you are planning a family holiday to Japan, are keen to marvel at the unique balancing act between its ancient traditions and its modern outlook or are simply looking to spend a budget trip, you will find Japan travel guides from a Japan travel company like us an invaluable reference. From a unique stay at ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn to marvelling at the colors and tastes of your exclusive, multi-course kaiseki banquet, rewarding experiences are plentiful.
Japan is an island nation, located in the Pacific Ocean, lying to the east of the Sea of Japan. Along with the 'Home Islands' of Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu, Japan consists of nearly 7,000 mostly volcanic islands. Truly timeless, this place is where ancient traditions are fused with modern life as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Ideas for Experiencing Japan

Japan remains an exciting blend of the ancient and modern, with villages steeped in centuries-old traditions in close proximity to the glimmering skyscrapers and flashing neon lights of futuristic cities. Japanese's cultural heritages include everything from geishas, quaint traditional tea shops and gardens to sushi, sake, and Shinto shrines and these icons are the cornerstone of its many attractions and activities. Visit the former capital of Kyoto, the home of a Women’s Association member to learn about a traditional pastime such as calligraphy or explore the city’s cobbled streets on an evening tour for a glimpse of a Geisha. Tokyo meanwhile, is a complete contrast, and an early morning trip to Tsujiki, the world’s biggest fish market, can be followed by a visit to the ornate Meiji Jingu shrine. Further afield, Japan’s myriad of national parks and mountain ranges, such as Hakone National Park, home to snow-capped Mount Fuji offers unique experience to walking and hiking lovers.
Naoshima Art Tour

For art, architecture and design lovers with a strong penchant for creative eccentricity in search of an escape from Japan’s fast-paced metropolises, Naoshima Island is a must see destination. Explore together with an art curator some of the curiosities of the island, wandering through beautiful museums showcasing all kind of arts from local artists.

Jul 09, 2018
Takayama Food & Culture Walk

Uncover the distinctive charm and traditions of once-isolated town of Takayama on this guided walking tour. Stroll at leisurely pace through the old town and market, exploring the melange of Alpine architecture, historic buildings and incredible customs that make Takayama so special and unique. Sample regional specialties washed down with glass of locally-brewed sake.

Jul 09, 2018
Hida Cycling Tour

Hida, locally just plain Takayama, is a tranquil city near the northern Japan Alps of Gifu prefecture, in the Chubu region of Japan. Take a guided bicycle ride tour through this charming alpine town, passing traditional houses, clear rivers and photogenic rice fields. Capture scenes of rural Japanese life at every turn while getting a closer look at Japan's Alpine region.

Jul 09, 2018
Nara Hills Trekking

Take a scenic, spiritual trek near Nara. Follow the path of Japan's oldest road, stunningly winding through forests and rice paddies. Visit ancient Shinto shrines and peaceful Buddhist temples along the way, experiencing the harmonious blend of cultural heritage and natural wonders that make Japan specially attractive.

Jul 09, 2018
Dinner with a Maiko

Immerse yourself in the beguiling beauty of the ‘maiko’ (apprentice geisha) scene during an exquisite evening of culture and cuisine at atmospheric streets of Gion, the city's Geisha district. Gain fascinating insight into ancient Japanese customs as you dine in the company of a Maiko and capture photographs to immortalize your memorable evening. Sip on a selection of unlimited drinks and pleasure your palate with delicacies inspired by ‘kaiseki’ cuisine, a traditional Japanese cooking style.

Jul 09, 2018
Miyajima Sea Kayaking

Enjoy a sea kayaking tour around Miyajima Island and its Torii Gate, which are both designated as World Heritage Sites. Paddle across calm waters, circling the shores of Miyajima Island and stopping to admire the impressive vermillion gate of Itsukushima Shrine. This activity will give you a new perspective on the island and views of Miyajima and the famous shrine that few people ever get to see.

Jul 09, 2018
Tokyo By Night

Bright lights, dynamic streets and delicious food: this by night Tokyo tour package has it all. After the sun sets, head to a traditional pub for a drink with the locals. Then stroll across Shibuya's famed intersection on the way to dinner with a view at a popular Japanese restaurant.

Jan 12, 2019
Osaka Food Tour

This evening-based Osaka food tour focuses on the city's best- and most bizarre- selections. Wander through laneways filled with pubs, popping in for a snack and cold beer. Then sample local favourites at mobile street stalls, all the while embracing the vibrant atmosphere of Osaka at night.

Jan 12, 2019

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