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North Korea

North Korea Holidays

The Korean war ended in 1953 and since then the Korean Peninsula has been divided by a demilitarized zone (DMZ) separating the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in the north and the Republic of Korea (ROK) in the south. Probably the most mysterious country in the world, sometimes known as ‘the Hermit Kingdom’, North Korea has historically been controversial and has shut out the rest of the world. By only periodically opening and closing its doors to foreigners, it consequently remains one of the world’s most inaccessible countries with few international friends. The country is therefore by no means an ordinary tourist destination.

Many travelers have asked us: is it safe to travel to North Korea? Our answer is: Definitely, why not? There is now a major change in the country’s circumstances under the new leadership of the youthful Kim Jong-un, and visiting North Korea now will be a really safe and enjoyable experience. With our specialists having organized countless North Korea Tours, you will be offered valuable advice to tailor a perfect trip to this isolated but interesting country.

Suggested Itineraries

Classic highlight experiences, authentic heritage retreats and picturesque outdoor adventures are among the many rewarding encounters North Korea (DPRK) has to offer. These itineraries give you a starting point for what your North Korea holidays could entail. They cover routes we've found work particularly well and feature some of our favourite places to stay. Treat them as inspiration, as each trip is created uniquely for you.
Self Drive into North Korea

Rason - Chongjin - Mount Paektu - Hamhung - Wonsan - Mount Kumgang - Pyongyang - Kaesong (DMZ)
Mount Paektu Tour by Charter Flight

Pyongyang - Kaesong (DMZ) - Nampo - Mount Myohyang - Haeju - Mount Kuwol - Mount Paektu
Best of North Korea

Beijing - Kaesong (DMZ) - Pyongsong - Pyongyang
Family Tour to North Korea

Pyongyang - Kaesong (DMZ) - Hamhung - Wonsan - Mount Kumgang
Unseen DPRK Long Tour

Pyongyang - Hamhung - Wonsan - Mount Kumgang - Mount Paektu - Mount Chilbo - Chongjin
Unseen DPRK Short Tour

Pyongyang - Haeju - Mount Kuwol - Nampo - Wonsan - Mount Kumgang
Absolute North Korea Tour

Pyongyang - Kaesong (DMZ) - Mount Myohyang - Pyongsong - Wonsan
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Our Expert Guides to Travelling in North korea

Tourism in North Korea (DPRK) is unlike anything you will have experienced anywhere else in the world. Travel to North Korea (DPRK) can be challenging, and you will not have the freedom to explore the country without a North Korea (DPRK) escort, either as part of a group or individual tour. Your every movement is controlled, watched and carefully planned by the Government. Any notion of independent, adventure or solo travel, just doesn't work that way in North Korea (DPRK). This is a country in which total obedience to the state is the norm. There is no "dissension" in North Korea (DPRK) and travellers must abide by this or simply not travel there. Curiosity may well get you or your guide killed in North Korea (DPRK), it's as simple as that. Our travel guides will help you be well-prepared to accept severe limitations on your movements and behaviour before travelling to one of the most isolated and disciplined countries in the world.
There is quite simply nowhere on earth like North Korea (DPRK). This is your chance to visit the world's most isolated nation, where the internet and much of the 21st century remain unknown.

Ideas for Experiencing North Korea

A country known for rockets and nuclear bomb test, North Korea (DPRK) is the world's most isolated nation promising an eclectic mix of things to do. The capital, Pyongyang, is where the most important monuments, crumbling, historical centres such as the Arch of Triumph and Kim Il Sung Aquare are located. A city tour will also offer you the chance to ride the famous underground train, then see people on the train so happy to be returning home. Away from the city, the small countryside town of Mount Myohang acts as one of the most beautiful areas in the Korean peninsula. Of course, no North Korea (DPRK) trips would be complete without visiting DMZ or Military Demarcation line, an area that Bill Clinton described as 'one of the most dangerous places in the world'.
Cooking Class in Kaesong (DMZ)

Cooking classes are a brilliant way to get to know the people of a country, and really throw yourself into local culture. So is the cooking class in Pyongyang or Kaesong (DMZ).

Oct 13, 2018
Helicopter Flight Over Pyongyang

Tourists will be able to strap themselves into an aging Mi-17 - a Soviet-era military transport helicopter known for its small, porthole-like windows, on a pleasure flight over Pyongyang in a Soviet Mi-17 Helicopter.

Aug 13, 2018

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