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Tourism in North Korea (DPRK) is unlike anything you will have experienced anywhere else in the world. Travel to North Korea (DPRK) can be challenging, and you will not have the freedom to explore the country without a North Korea (DPRK) escort, either as part of a group or individual tour. Your every movement is controlled, watched and carefully planned by the Government. Any notion of independent, adventure or solo travel, just doesn't work that way in North Korea (DPRK). This is a country in which total obedience to the state is the norm. There is no "dissension" in North Korea (DPRK) and travellers must abide by this or simply not travel there. Curiosity may well get you or your guide killed in North Korea (DPRK), it's as simple as that. Our travel guides will help you be well-prepared to accept severe limitations on your movements and behaviour before travelling to one of the most isolated and disciplined countries in the world.
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There is quite simply nowhere on earth like North Korea (DPRK). This is your chance to visit the world's most isolated nation, where the internet and much of the 21st century remain unknown.
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If you read some of the testimonies from people who've travelled to the DPRK with us, then you'll soon see what an amazing experience awaits. But you probably still have some questions. Here are our answers to some of the questions we get asked — frequently.

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